Little City Properties is your connection to central Austin real estate. Based in the beloved Bouldin neighborhood of 78704, we want to be your real estate resource when it’s time to buy or sell your property in central Austin.

We’re here to help you navigate the details of real estate purchases and sales, whether you’re buying a home, an investment property or a combination.


Why us?


With over a decade behind us, we truly understand the art of the deal. Real estate is complex, but with experience comes knowledge and finesse. We like to win, but we know when to push and what to budge on. There’s an elegance to contract negotiation that’s not always part of a real estate agent’s services package. We’re experts at navigating the landscape of real estate and negotiating a sale in your favor.



Our local experts give you an edge. There’s a science to securing a bargain and an unparalleled joy in finding “the one.” We’re a small, single office operation and we’ve been in business since 2003. We’re passionate about our city and our agents are your connection to the vibrant restaurants, music, art and culture in our central Austin neighborhoods. We match your interests and style to the Austin neighborhood that balances your needs, whether it’s a home or an investment property.



We have a deep network of dynamic people that only comes from over a decade in the industry. Our broker has been an active investor in this market since 2003. Need a contractor for work on your home or office? We have a referral for that. Real estate related questions that are beyond our scope of business? As active investors, we have a large bank of associates who can help with most anything related to your real estate.



We’re designers at heart and we carefully market each property like it’s our own. We want to help you find a buyer that won’t just like, but fall in love with your house. Our creative technology team has a proven track record of getting properties in front of buyers. Professional photography and well-executed marketing materials are not the standard at many other “full service” agencies. If looks are as important to you as they are to us, trust us to show your best side.


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